Corona Wars is a campaign to educate young adults on how to protect themselves and society. 


This campaign consists of The Symposium, Doctor’s Thoughts, and Question Corner.

The Symposium is a live course held every Tuesday night with an Invisible Wave facilitator to give young adults the essential facts on Coronavirus. The course will be held on Zoom at 6pm EST and will be 30-45 minutes with a live discussion format.  You can find the symposium itinerary on its respective page. 


Doctor’s Thoughts; our doctors will give advice based on real time updates of Coronavirus. 

You can submit your questions and comments on our Question Corner.

You can find all these sections when you hover your mouse over the Corona Wars tab on the top menu.


Contrary to popular belief, young adults are at risk of suffering from severe coronavirus infections. While they usually recover, they risk having long term organ damage.


Also, contrary to popular belief, a significant number of young adults have underlying medical conditions (Young Invisibles -Yi). Coronavirus is dangerous for Young Invisibles, and no one seems to care or notice this. 


We know this population is forgotten about in this pandemic. Our goal is to make sure they feel as safe and protected as possible. 

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