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Invisible Wave Team

              Meet our team of volunteers who strive for quality care and support for our population!



Executive Director 

Nikhil helped start the the Invisible Wave movement in January 2020 with PPC . After seeing his sister struggle with a chronic condition growing up, his goal is to help get equal care and support for Young Adults with Chronic Illnesses. 


Stick Figure 

Pro Bono Music Partner

Stick Figure is a Reggae band founded in 2006 and based in Southern California. Known for their mellow vibes and calm energy, they are a perfect fit for The Invisible Wave. Stick Figure and their manager Thomas Cussins were kind enough to give our movement access and permission to use all their music to help further our movement and achieve our goal!


Jenifer Kulow

Outreach Team

Jenifer is 22 years old and was diagnosed with lupus just over two years ago, but has dealt with chronic illness her entire life. She enjoys being outside and spending time her family and pets. She loves being part of Invisible Wave because she has a great system of support, education, and awareness.

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Selam Kidane

Invisible Wave Social Worker

Selam is a licensed clinical social worker and currently works in a Dialysis clinic in San Jose, CA.  Her passion for social work stems from her desire to help people improve their lives and strengthen their health literacy.  Her drive comes from her observations around chronic disease mismanagement in communities of color , specifically diabetes and hypertension in the African-American community.

Kaleo 1.jpg

Kaleo Wassman

Official Spokesperson

Kaleo Wassman is the lead singer of the band Pepper. Kaleo has been an iconic musician in the reggae/surf music scene for the past 20 years and continues to spread positive vibes and hope through his music. Kaleo has joined Invisible Wave as the official spokesperson to help spread awareness and achieve change through his platform. 


Brandon Smith

Official Q&A Host 

Brandon Smith is from Los Angeles, CA and has cell sickle cell anemia - but he pushes its boundaries everyday. He joined Invisible Wave to help other people afflicted with chronic illness so that they can get the best care possible and spread awareness. Catch him every Sunday hosting interviews with people from our population on Instagram live!


Anushka Noubad

Fundraising Team

With her involvement in numerous nonprofits, Anushka has always been passionate about social causes; ever since she found out about her best friend Riya’s struggles with fibromyalgia, Anushka has been making a greater effort to truly understand the voices of young adults with chronic conditions–many of whom are often unheard. She joined Invisible Wave Movement as volunteer to help spread more awareness for chronic illnesses, as well as funds to further develop the cause!


Tim Murray

Graphic Designer and Artist

Tim Murray is an Illustrator, Concept Artist, and Creative Director based out of New Brunswick. Since 2008 he has been working in the Video Game Industry, and as a Freelance Artist. He joined Invisible Wave to help further the cause and get equal care for Young Adults with Chronic Illness through his graphic design and art contributions.


Johnny Suite

Invisible Wave Ambassador

Johnny Suite is a singer-songwriter from Mililani, Hawaii "My connection with my grandfather who battles diabetes hits extremely close to home. Bringing awareness to the lack of attention to this young adult generation with chronic diseases could lead to prevention of future chronic diseases" He is excited to be a empower youth and get quality care!


Katherine Grego

Event Coordinator 

Katherine Grego works as the Study Abroad Coordinator at a state university and she also teaches English online part-time to people around the world. She was diagnosed with hEDS & POTS in 2020 after her sibling was also diagnosed. She has been a caregiver to her terminally ill and disabled spouse since 2018 as well. Understanding the importance of a strong support network, she joined iWave to help plan events to build a strong community for young adults with invisible illnesses.  



Invisible Wave Ambassador

With NorCal roots and Hawaii ties, Maile is a 31 year old artist living with Endometriosis. "The costs of living with this chronic illness pale in comparison to the moments lost due to pain and inflammation. My music has been a tool to bring me hope in times of darkness and soon I pray to bring hope into the lives of others living in chronic pain like me"

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