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2020 Let's Go! 

"What is your new years resolution and what would you like to see from Invisible Wave in 2020"

Edinburgh Beach, a beautiful place to reflect.

I'd like to think of 2020 as a year of re-finding me, as cheesy as it may sound. When my health really started to decline, almost exactly three years ago, I lost touch with a lot of my passions and even parts of my personality. I'm naturally very positive and bubbly, as you can imagine, endless doctors appointments and yoyoing between diagnosis and testing and diagnosis and testing made it extremely easy to fall into a more negative head space. Now I seem to be reaching a more definitive point in diagnosis and treatment (fingers crossed) I'm hoping I can find that naturally positive mindset again.

I used to be a musical theatre student at university and unfortunately had to leave. Now, I know it's probably unreasonable for me to expect my body to cope with going back into that environment but I'd like to find ways to incorporate it back into my life. I personally don't think I'd ever cope with a "mundane" career (no judgment, it just doesn't suit me); so I've made a few plans to do some base level training in the disciplines that are most important to me. It's also a nice way to introduce myself back to the scene!

Me in my Snow White wig at work.

Being a musical theatre student you have to be very fit and I was, I even had some baby abs coming through. I lost those a pretty long time ago. The main thing I miss isn't the abs or even the confidence I had in my body; it's the way I felt knowing what I was putting in my body and the exercise I was doing was all good for me. I felt good! Obviously jumping into an intense exercise routine is not good for a lot of us with chronic illness but I really want to give the graded exercise programme my physio advised me on a really good crack. I should probably cut out the junk food too, it's just so easy to reach for when you're fatigued! Hopefully I'll find a good alternative.

So here's to becoming more me again!

Having just joined Invisible Wave I'm excited for just about everything they have to offer in 2020. From giving me the opportunity to create my first proper blog to seeing them grow as a company to being the revolution that is the invisibly ill. I'm really looking forward to seeing how we grow as a community and the awareness we can raise.

2020 let's go.

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