I Am

I Am Strong

Even on the days when I’m at my weakest.

I Am Resilient

Even when I’m completely broken down.

I Am Happy

Even when I’m crying my eyes out.

I Am Grateful

Even when I’m complaining of all my troubles.

I Am At Peace

Even when I still can’t wrap my head around things.

I Am Adapting

Even when I can’t see how things can possibly work out.

I Am Optimistic

Even when I’m thinking of the worst scenarios.

I Am Worthy

Even in the moments when I feel like a burden.

I Am Courageous

Even when I’m fearful of what’s to come.

I Am Chronically Ill

Even though I don’t look it.

Even on the days where I have lost sight of myself.

I Am Belinda

And that will never change. 🥰



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