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A Covid Christmas

This year is hard. Probably the hardest holiday season I have faced. I was originally going to blog about how chronic illness does not take a holiday vacation, but then my world got a little shaken this week.

On December 17th we hung out with a couple friends, one who which came down with COVID the next day. On December 19th we had stuffy noses but thought it was allergies until our friend texted us that he had COVID. So we got at home tests and found out we were positive. That morning, all I had was a stuffy nose, but by the end of the day I had a fever, cough, congestion, migraine and extreme fatigue. My boyfriend and dad also tested positive but only have a stuffy nose and sore throat. We were visiting family for the holidays and renting a condo, but the rest of my family tested negative. The three of us drove eight hours back to Atlanta, leaving the rest of my family in Florida where they continue to test negative every day until after Christmas.

Now, I would like to pause here and say that, yes all of us are vaccinated. Yes, all of us have the booster. Yes, all of us still wear masks. Yes, all of us still take precautions. Yes, all of us still constantly was our hands.

Here's a timeline of what's been going on:

  • December 20th: Crohns decided to join the battle. If I was not sleeping, I was vomitng. I could not hold anything down, even water, and was miserable.

  • December 21st: I woke up with a migraine, stuffy nose, and cough. I was able to hold fluids down and some food. The nausea and vomiting luckily subsided, but the bloody stools began. I also got the call that I had been approved to get a monoclonal antibody IV and scheduled it for Christmas Eve (the day this blog gets posted)

  • December 22nd: No headache, but the same symptoms as the 21st. Then I got a COVID rash, which I did not know was a thing, but I had a neighbor deliver some cream to help.

  • December 23rd: same symptoms plus starting my period (I have painful periods and get super sick thanks to PCOS.) It feels like I am just fighting one battle after another.

COVID is its own battle. Crohns is another. I'm used to Crohns and can normally get it under control fairly quickly. However, this has been its own beast. I also battle PCOS on occasion. The only bad symptoms I have are a very irregular cycle and then painful periods when I actually get one. However, when you put everything together life lately has been rough.

We are all feeling the impact of isolation and being away from family for the holidays due to quarantine and isolation. We tried to walk, but it wore all of us out physically and the cold weather made our coughs worse.

I pray you are all having a happy holidays. I pray you are in good health and good spirits. If you're in a flare, or like us in isolation; I pray that you still find joy in this holiday season.

Merry Christmas y'all!

Yours truly,


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