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A Failed Plan

Thank you everyone who has congratulated me on my admission into nursing school since we posted on Invisible Wave social media accounts. I really appreciate it and am so thankful for all of your support. AS I head into my last semester of undergrad, I have been doing a lot of reflecting.

Going into college, I was healthy. Apparently I had indicators pointing to all of my autoimmune problems, but they were not overly bothersome. My first Crohns flare was my freshman year of college. Covid shut the world down my sophomore year and I was still sick. Junior year I got my health more under control, but Covid still made things very different. As I head into my senior year, things seem to be returning to normal for my school, something that I did not believe would stress me out and raise concern.

My college has decided that students and staff can choose whether or not they where masks on campus, whether they are vaccinate or not. It is recommended that you social distance and is not mandatory. They also warned to be considerate of people who choose to wear a mask and socially distance, however desks will return to pre-Covid distances, chapel will still be filled to capacity, the cafeteria lines will not be distances, etc.

I emailed my accommodations representative on our campus, as I am on immune suppressants about the plan our college has in place, especially with the rising numbers. Back at home, ERs are closed due to being at maximum capacity. The only answer I got about the "plan" was that they have one in case things get bad.

Things are bad. What about those of us who get sent to the ER for something like a stomach bug? Nowhere did he help me figure out a plan to move forward in order to feel safe and comfortable on my campus. Just, "we have a plan."

With Long Covid being a disability now and the process of what that means being in the works, as well as the general public having to quarantine and shelter in place, you would think they would be more understanding. They have had a glimpse of what those of us with Chronic Illnesses go through every day. Yet, it's like they learned nothing.

It has been three days since this email exchange and I am still baffled. Right now it is more important than ever that we spoonies stick up for ourselves in hopes people realize that social distancing, wearing a mask, being afraid of illness, and all the feelings had during shut down tend to be the normal for us.

Thanks for reading my rant. I love you all so much <3

Yours truly,


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