Accepting the Unacceptable?

How does one accept something that should be and is unacceptable?

How does one tolerate being mistreated and disregarded by doctors who vow to help their patients before earning their PhD but then turn around and call most of their patients anxiety ridden hypochondriacs.

I tell you how..Phd aside, Doctorate aside, MA, NA, PA, Whatever specialist degree they earned aside, they are humans first, who judge patients based off clothing, financial status, vocab, etc. over a very brief medical history and current symptoms. If they simply cannot figure you out, they call you a frequent flyer, special patient, tough one or flat out hysterical.

Then we are forced to accept these actions and continue on. Forced to accept doctors telling us we are faking. Forced to accept doctors saying they “think”, instead of trying to just help figure it out so we Know. I mean we know you can’t possibly know everything. You’re human too. We just want help in finding answers, as in let’s work this out together.

So why doesn’t this happen in the average chronically ills experience? Why don’t they just get help in figuring it out. Why can’t the doctor just say, “I’m not sure, this is beyond me, maybe I can help research for a better doctor for you.” “Let’s see what we can do to narrow things down,” Instead they write a pain script and say the ultimate saying “Stress Less, Sleep More, Stay Positive.”

This is unacceptable and demeaning, deteriorating, disgusting. The average chronically ill person goes through years of poor treatment before getting a thorough diagnosis. We become desperate, drained, debilitated. Wonder why we seem “hysterical?” We know the pain inside and out, the agony, the stress, the way it truly is living with chronic illnesses. We may not know the science behind things but we are willing to learn and willing to help you help us figure it out.

Doctors vow to help patients right? Vow to help figure things out, to solve problems, to make new discoveries and yet when they get challenged with a chronically ill patient, they flop and we are left hopping around from doctor to doctor until we finally get to a good one. The rare, the few, the in between doctors, yes we know those exist but still, this is Unacceptable and I’m not accepting it anymore. I will only accept what I deserve.

Will You! 💞🙌🏽

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