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Being of service when sick

So I'm a member of a phone meeting that meets every day of the week. I'm in charge of chairing Wednesday nights. Well...I was fine earlier today although I haven't slept the past 2 nights and maybe got 3 hours sleep during each day(I normally sleep 18 hours a day). I was finally able to fall asleep today at 6pm knowing I had to be up by 7:30 for the meeting. I try my damnedest to keep my service commitments, even when I'm hurting, but when I woke up at 7:45 tonight I woke with a major migraine, the room spinning and nausea to boot. I quickly attempted to reach out two other members of the group to see if anyone could take the meeting tonight but the only response I received was somebody saying they couldn't do it. Then someone from the meeting called to see if I was going to make it tonight and I explained the situation so now somebody that's on the lawn for the meeting is going to have to drop their plans and chair for me at the last minute. I absolutely hate being in this position where some days my pain hits me so suddenly that I'm not able to fulfill my commitments, especially my phone meetings. These meetings were created as an Outreach effort to reach people unable to make face-to-face meetings due to illnesses or hospitalizations Etc. I've always been told that service work will keep me clean and that I should never say no to service but since I've become sick I've had to back down quite a bit, I only chair one meeting a week and I am the alternate secretary for the group. When I was healthy I was able to make local meetings several times a week, I did service in my home group as well as the area level. Now I feel like I barely do anything to help my fellow addicts. The positive thing is the group that I chair like I said earlier was started for the purpose of reaching those too sick or too isolated to make meetings face to face so most of the members understand if something comes up like tonight and I have to bow out of my service commitment. I still feels real shity on my end though

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