Being in this Chronically Ill and Disabled community is something I have never experienced before. This sense of compassion and open support is beautifully overwhelming and you can tell each interaction is out of pure camaraderie.

I have had the opportunity of meeting and connecting with so many from all over and each persons story is never the same even when they share the same ailments. The strive to be there for each other and encourage one another is amazing to see. In my 30 short years of life I have never experienced a more genuine group of people who actually care for one another.

Since starting my public page I have learned so many new things and have been told I too encourage and help. Being a part of something larger than myself and for a purpose of being a shoulder for others is so fulfilling. So many connect with me over different reasons and the conversations are always honest and ever enriching.

If you’ve ever felt alone in any aspect of your life, I will say that although it feels lonesome to be ill and disabled in this world, the Chronically Ill and Disabled Community will always have your back! You will always have a place here and will always be understood. So get comfortable because this community is a place you will always be welcome in.

-Belinda @thechronicallyillqueen

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