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Family History?

Something you’re asked about every visit or at least in my experience it is. As if it’s so easy to obtain. Like if it’s apart of my daily conversation. Like everyone I know has told me what they deal with on a medical level. It would be helpful but the average person doesn’t know jack about their family medical health. The average person hides what they go through. The average person finds medical issues should be kept hush hush.

I personally know a lot of people this way.

I personally see this as an issue.

If you’re anything like me you actually didn’t know much about those that have come before you either. Conversations were very open at the tables of my family but not so much about health issues. It was more or less gossip, funny moments and games. Over the course of the last 10yrs I’ve gone around and asked family members what some of their health concerns are. Those that could have a somewhat direct line with me. What diagnoses they got and if they are willing to they cope with them.

My family history consists of High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Endometriosis, Migraines, Brain Aneurysms, Heart Conditions, Circulation Issues, Scoliosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, skin cancer and more. So far I’ve pretty much had problems with almost all of these issues plus my very own first time in the family issues too. Which makes family history so important. If I didn’t already know these things, I’d be lost. I wouldn’t have anything or anyone to confide in when it comes to possible symptoms and outcome. I know every person is different but when it comes to direct family it can effect things greatly. So therefore, I believe, if you can share some of your health issues with those you love, do so. Allow others you know a fighting chance at getting proper diagnoses and treatment. Someone else may be having a harder time and may need that vital information. Someone else may feel they don’t have anyone at all to help and your related info could change an outcome and help doctors decipher steps to take.

Since starting my medical journey (to an extent and as I go,) I’ve tried to document and log all my diagnoses and issues. Any time I come across a person and they are willing to learn or ask, I share it. I’ve been thanked, I’ve been disregarded but the fact is, it’s still important and needs to be shared. Some of my family that have come after me, have developed some of the same issues. Some family have not but the ones that knew I may have walked the path first have thanked me for sharing my vital info. It helped them. This is why I continue to advocate and share what I do. This information could save a life. It could save months of wondering. Months of trying to figure things out. It could save the mental anguish one feels when they have health issues and no clear direction to follow.

So the next time your doctor asks “Family Medical History?” Maybe you’d think deeper about it. Maybe you’d have more to share and your doctor can use that. Maybe you’d be able to help yourself and your doctor further by actually having more in depth answers. Maybe.

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