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Fatigued but Not Fabulous

In case you couldn’t tell by the decline in the quality of my blog posts, I have been experiencing writer’s block for the past few weeks. And today I am extremely fatigued, so my creative juices are not really flowing. That being said, instead of brainstorming and introspecting to decide on a topic to write about, I decided to answer a journal prompt I read online the other day: “How has quarantine changed your relationship with your illness”

I believe the pandemic impacted me both physically and mentally in different ways. It helped me grow and heal, but also gave me more to heal.

Firstly, the shift from in-person to online classes was much better for my physical health. I no longer have to walk to class and force myself to carry a bunch of materials, and I can attend class while sitting in bed. This has been very beneficial on days my pain is exceptionally excruciating, and I wish students with chronic conditions had this option permanently(because I know universities can easily make it happen).

However, I do believe my reduced physical activity overall due to quarantine has been pernicious and made me physically weaker in some ways. I definitely feel more fatigued now that I am not as active, and even on days I get 11 hours of sleep, it still feels like I have only gotten 3.

In terms of my mental health, the beginning of quarantine was really difficult. I remember having a panic attack that lasted 3 days. I had started some new supplements for my fibromyalgia that I did not react well to, so that combined with the newfound unfamiliarity covid brought led to chaos. I was fortunate enough to find a good therapist though to help me through it, but not being able to see my friends and resume college life still affects me deeply.

I have a lot more to say, but the fatigue is getting really grueling now. I want to leave you with reassurance that the pandemic is going to end soon. We are getting closer to the finish line as more and more people get vaccinated. Hang in there, and please reach out if you ever need support.

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