Fear of Meds

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

How many of you have to take medication daily?

How many of you have had to get a vaccine?

How many of you take multiple meds, several, dozens even?

How many of you witnessed a family member abuse medication/or you yourself have?

How many of you have an allergy or an adverse reaction to a specific medication/s or vaccines?

How many of you have had to have something removed from your body, you had to stop taking something or even really contemplate and consider an option because there were/are recalls on the market?

How many of you had a family member die from medication complications or a vaccine?

So many reasons to be afraid of medication options even when faced with chronic and life threatening diseases.

For me, a lot of these ring true. A lot of these have affected how I process needing to be on medication and then actually being on them. I have had to be on medication since I was a young child. From having asthma attacks and needing medical staff to emergently step in and save my life on numerous occasions. To then Endo treatment and migraine treatment and the meds that come along with trial and error. Being in and out of hospitals and doctors offices...I’m very familiar with the process of being given meds. Whether they write it down on a small rectangular piece of pa