Finals Season

One of the hardest parts of being chronically ill in college is finals season. Most chronic illnesses flare when stress is heightened, and naturally finals season is a time that stress .levels go through the roof. I am a senior in college now, so I have had my fair share of final exams, and fair share of getting sick from lack of sleep and stress.

I am currently a junior, set to graduate early in December, so I have been through my fair share of finals seasons between high school and college. I'm not saying that I have everything figured out, but I do have things that help.

One of the biggest things that helps me is to schedule. Schedule out hours of the day for different subjects. The amount of time for each depends on the difficulty of the course, and then also schedule study breaks. During your study breaks, take a nap or find something you enjoy and that helps you destress. My friends and I like to go play beach volleyball or find a good coloring book to relax. This will also help you get enough sleep at night, which reduces stress levels as well as sanity (LOL).

Don't do the normal college student thing and eat complete junk food! Stick to your diet and know your restrictions. If I'm being completely honest, this is one of the hardest things for me because I just want to go to Panera and get a meal and study for hours, but that will wreck me and ruin a whole day that I could study.

Remember that you got this! You are a warrior! Finals are over soon and you are going to kill it! I'm rooting for all of you! Good Luck!

Yours Truly,


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