From Imagination To Reality, With Your Help

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could...

  • Speak honestly about your condition with medical staff and not have them doubt you?

  • Feel the freedom to discuss your condition with others and not fear judgment, doubt, or a whole host of other things?

  • Be yourself without thinking about how others will determine your actions, words, and choices?

Perhaps these aren't your concerns, maybe you have found a way to communicate with medical staff honestly and authentically. Potentially, you have mastered the art of letting go of the fear of judgment around talking about your condition or living your life.

Coming from a place of compassion and understanding helps me to reach those moments. Reclaiming my confidence played a crucial role in being able to achieve these things.

However, I confess at times; things are still shaky. This mostly happens when I am dealing with new people, people I haven't yet had time to build a trusting relationship.

What tips and techniques do you use? How do you help others with invisible, chronic conditions step into their light and speak honestly and authentically? I know it can be hard some times to think beyond your immediate need, but we have so much information, knowledge, and experiences to share. Besides, who doesn't need help now and then? Who doesn't have fantastic tips that can be shared? I know you have them!

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