From Patient to Employee

I don't know who here follows me on social media, but if you look at my recent posts, I have been identifying myself as "a full time student, a full time patient, and a part-time healthcare worker."

Life lately has been crazy. I got my routine figured out and then started working in the ER. I want to do this in the future after nursing school, but I am slowly figuring out that it may not be for me. My school schedule would allow me to work full time, however when I tried, I found myself in a major flare. The ER is stressful. It's stressful as a patient and as an employee. The ER is even more stressful during a pandemic in both situations.

As a patient, lately I have been extremely frustrated with the wait times in the hospital. I felt like they were undermining my symptoms. I have felt like they thought other cases were more important than me because "I didn't look sick." I would get upset because the doctor would say he is ordering something and I wouldn't receive it for another hour. I tried to stay positive and understanding, but that is not always so easy as a patient.

As an employee, all of these problems I was having have been explained. Doctors and nurses are struggling. Doctors and nurses are frustrated. They want to treat the patients that need help. They get frustrated because COVID patients come in and they can't be helped, but they take a bed from someone who can be. Nurses run around non stop to make sure patients are comfortable and have medications and what they need. If you go at night, there is probably only one doctor in the ER and a couple nurses due to being short staffed. They want to see the patients like me. They want to see the patients they can actually help. They are frustrated because in some cases, they just can't.

As a current ER employee, I have reached a new understanding as to what is going on. I don't think I would appreciate it as much if I was not a full time patient as well. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses out there. You are all doing amazing and are so loved and appreciated.

Yours truly,


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