“Going with the Flow.”

Missing words,

Sentences drop,

Conversing doesn’t come easily.

Mid story and I’ll loose my train of thought.

It’s like my brain and my mouth lost connectivity.

Casted overhead,

Every changing..This thing that continues to hang over me.

Brain Fog is what’s it’s called,

How I remember that or anything else is beyond me.

You ever forget your own name?

Where you were going?

The information that was literally right there, all of a sudden has disappeared.

Sometimes it makes me shut down,

Get upset with myself.

Like looking at words on paper all smudged and smeared.

It’s like everything I ever learned and was taught, has flown right out the window.

This fog comes and goes,

Like a weather system and forecast.

I’m forced to work with it as I go.

What’s that saying called again...?

Oh yeah, it’s called “Going with the Flow.”


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