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I Continue to Slay

Painfully Twitching

Pressure To Pop

Electricity Zapping

I Need It To Stop

Jaw Clenching

Wired Shut

Nerves Need Quenching

Pain Walking All Over Me, Strut!

Tongue, Tingles and Prickles

Fire Ants Crawling

Into Every Bit Of My Life, Pain Trickles

It’s Galling

I’m Biting Myself

My Vision At Times Is Disturbing

Painful Head Pulses

Me Perturbing

Teeth Beyond Sensitive

Hot and Cold

All These Symptoms

This Pain Is Very Bold

Talking, Singing, Eating

Everything Is Affected

Mass Meeting

All My Symptoms Connected

Twenty Four Seven

Everyday All Day,

But I’m Not Giving Up,

My Chronic Illnesses I Continue to Slay💁🏻‍♀️



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