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In a Heart Beat.

There are so many things I enjoyed growing up and even now to this day that I can no longer do.

I liked running although I never admitted it and my asthma made it very unenjoyable, so I avoided it at all costs. Jump rope, hopscotch and playing on the swings were a must. I loved playing tag and hide and go seek with my cousins. Rollerblading/in-line skates was also a favorite of mine. I remember my parents got me these super cool in-line skates for Christmas. It was too cold for us to use them outside so we got to practice in the kitchen. Eventually skating up and down the block and between both my grandparents houses. My moms parents lived across the street from my dads parents. Made me feel like we owned the block. I remember going to the skating rink every so often and riding bikes with my dad around the neighborhood. We went farther and on different routes each time but in reality it was the same old neighborhood my dad knew inside and out but he definitely made it seem like we got “lost” at times.

As an adult, I learned I love bowling! My fiancé and I would bowl all the time, especially when we would gather with other couples. We would go mini golfing and for runs together before we had kids. We even went to the gym together and lifted weights and just did things that made us happy.

Thinking about all the little things I enjoyed as a kid and things I have even enjoyed as an adult. I am wondering if I can ever build memories similar for my kids or with my fiancé again. I’m also wondering if I’ll ever be able to do them for myself, for my inner child. For my sake of exercise and fun. Riding a bike now is def not something I’d be comfortable doing. My hips, knees and back would be so upset if I attempted. I can’t get on skates for sure. My balance and coordination is not what it used to be and I’m barely 30. Jump rope...that’s something that would def make my arms sore for weeks and my knees buckle. Hopscotch...i’d probably break an ankle. Bowling has been impossible for over 2 years now. Running, the high impact right now would damage my joints and body further.

If anyone who is non-I’ll that is reading this...If there is something out there you enjoy but don’t quite get to do anymore or just haven’t. Make time to do it, you deserve it, you should go enjoy it.

Enjoy that bike ride.

Enjoy that game of bowling or golf.

Enjoy that moment of working out in the gym.

Let your kids enjoy the joys of being kids as well.

Run, skip and hike.

Go out on an adventure.(within cdc recommendations)

If you’re able, do it!

If not for yourself, do it for me. Which sounds weird, I know.

You never know if your health will ever take your joys away from you permanently.

Live for today!

If I could do those things right now, I’d do them in a heart beat. ❤️

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Right. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. 😢But either way we try. ❤️


Cara Purdy
Cara Purdy
Sep 23, 2020

I’ve started playing tennis with my boyfriend on nice days. I love it and I love spending time with him and my dog... but for the past 2 months I’ve been having sacral pain shooting down my legs which I’m pretty sure is related to the impact on my hips. Exercise is fun...

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