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Let's Catch Up

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I last blogged. I'm getting back into it, but figured the best way to start was to write a blog catching you up on the last month or so.


In my last blog, I wrote about how I was starting to experience fainting spells. Since then I have undergone testing and ruled out POTS. My doctor diagnosed me with Vasovagal Syncope, which has no real treatment options, just things we can try and is treated with the same suggestions as POTS... That being said, I was able to get a service dog because of this which has actually been the biggest help (more to come about this in future blogs.)

During my time away from blogging, I also went to Mayo for a little over a week to try and figure out what is going on with my GI tract. Ever since I was admitted to the hospital in January, I have had random days where I cannot hold any food or fluids down, then it takes 2-3 days to recover. My GI in Atlanta did not think it was related to Crohn's Disease and said I was in remission, then referred me to Mayo Clinic. I had a week of lab work, scopes, scans, etc and they all came back normal, except my scopes indicated I am no longer in full remission since I did have some sclerotic mucosa. however, my inflammatory markers were the lowest they have been since I got sick!! I am currently in limbo, as I could not get an appointment to discuss the results and next steps until September.


Life has been pretty strange lately. I moved to a new apartment, still in Tennessee, and am loving it. I have so much more space and it feels more mine than my old apartment since I am no longer subleasing. The big life update I guess I should probably mention is the decision I made to stop nursing school for the moment. I made it through the first quarter of my accelerated program with great grades, however, my health was really struggling. I was fainting multiple times a week, not being able to hold food down for multiple days, and not getting the rest I needed due to studying and being sick. I was only supposed to take one quarter off to see if we could get my health under control, however as the deadline approaches to make the decision on returning quickly approaches, I know I am not ready. I have begun to explore other career paths and will keep you all posted along the way. (I won't be applying for jobs anytime soon as I still can't hold food down and won't see Mayo until September.)

Mentally, I'm hanging in there. I got sick while in college and always stayed busy. I never really allowed myself time to focus on my mental health and .just focus on me. I would go hiking and keep myself busy as self-care. Don't get me wrong I loved it and I wouldn't change it, but until recently, I don't think I gave myself the chance to mentally digest the diagnoses I received after Crohn's Disease. People always tell me that I have handled it with such grace and positivity, however, now that I have a lot of time on my hands I am realizing that at the time, I handled it with grace, but I think I really shoved how I felt down and am just now allowing myself to feel the emotions of having ten illnesses. I'm honestly lost right now and don't know what the future holds and am actually trying to find who I am again.

All that being said, I am incredibly thankful for the Invisible Wave Team. They have been an amazing support system, made me laugh when I broke down on zoom calls, and been soundboards for some of the hardest decisions I think I have ever made.

I have taken time away from blogging, and posting to my social media, but am excited to start posting and sharing this new chapter!

Yours truly,


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