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Since getting a diagnosis, a lot of my "grown up decisions" have been heavily influenced by my illnesses. When it comes time to determine where to move or go to grad school, my medical team and the surrounding hospitals are a major deciding factor.

When I was going to be moving to Orlando, a major concern of mine was being so far away from my current medical team. It has taken me four years to build what I consider to be a dream team. Moving to Orlando meant I was going to have to find a brand new team. I was feeling really uneasy about moving to Orlando for nursing school, but was keeping it o myself and still trying to be super excited for the experience.

However, when the school I wanted to go to that was closer to home called, it was a no brainer. I switched programs almost instantly. However, even though my medical team is figured out, I had to find a place to live again and do all the "adulting" that is associated with moving within a week before course registration started. Luckily everything worked out.

Thank you for all the support through my recent journey and I cannot wait to write about the moving process, graduation, and nursing school in my upcoming blogs! Also, just a reminder, it is okay to stay where you are comfortable. It is okay to stay with your medical team and not switch. You got this!

Yours truly,


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