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Lost in Traditional Media

"What's the latest movie you saw and how do you feel about representation as an invisible in movies?"

Firstly I'd like to say I quite like being called an invisible, it makes me feel like I'm part of a secret hero society!

The last film I watched I didn't like too much so I'm going to talk about the one I watched before that, as cheesy as it may be!

Frozen 2... Honestly I loved it, it was cute, had a great story line that wasn't too difficult for a fatigued brain to cope with, it was uplifting and the songs got me a bit in the feels. The song "Into The Unknown" oddly enough resonated with me. Not only is it a great tune to sing (which is one of my favourite things to do, I'm training as a vocal coach) but it really explored the feelings of not being where you belong and the endless whirlwind of life. It was surprisingly comforting and who doesn't love a happy ending!

I may have got so excited I bought a new Elsa wig for work!

The representation of us invisables in movies I find is quite limited. There are films such as "Five Feet Apart" which I've heard mixed reviews about but it's a good step into raising awareness. I do find that in film and TV anyone who is portrayed as chronically ill almost always has the stereotypical bells and whistles that may jump to mind if you were thinking of someone who is severely ill. Of course sometimes this is the case but a lot of the times it's not, looking at me you might only realise something is wrong if I'm taking my pulse rate or have dislocated a joint but its definitely not conducive with what is shown in films. A lot of the times these characters are portrayed as meek, sad, victims and that's not completely realistic either, I know of plenty warriors who are just that! We may be made a little different but we don't let it take over our dreams. I think that directors just need to show the spectrum of unique people on this earth a little better.

I've felt a little lost this week and I do think that having better representation in traditional media could help in these times. Just for comfort and maybe inspiration or advice.

It would certainly be nice wouldn't it?

At least we have our online communities!

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Danielle Moore
Danielle Moore
Jan 19, 2020

Cute wig! It's really frustrating not feeling like you're being represented or that you belong. I'm glad Frozen 2 was able to uplift you and I'm excited to read more of your insights!


Rachel Bernardo
Rachel Bernardo
Jan 18, 2020

I love the Elsa wig! I have yet to see Frozen 2, but I loved Frozen 1 so I'll have to see it soon. I definitely agree that having better representation in traditional media would help with comfort, inspiration, and advice. I agree that a lot of the time in films, people with chronic conditions are portrayed as meek, sad victims but I don't think that's the case at all! I'd like to see a movie about a young invisible hero one day, because that's what we are.

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