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Moving out

As graduation is approaching for many high school and college seniors, the subject of moving away from home is heavy on many students' minds. One of the things that comes with growing up is moving out from your family's home. First when you leave for college and then after you graduate and move out on your own.

When I left for college, I had no symptoms of Crohns Disease and my PCOS did not bother me. The people around me were my friends and roommate. When I would come home from school for break, it was hard to readjust. The other thing that made things a bit difficult was that my doctors are all home and not near school.

As I am about to graduate college and live on my own, part of the considerations that come with this are where to live after graduation. Do I stay close-ish to home so I don't have to fin new doctors or do I move away and get a whole new care team?

As I am having to make these decisions I am trying to keep in mind that sometimes a new care team could be good. They always say a second opinion is sometimes needed and maybe it's time for some new eyes on my case. I also consider that if I move away, I can have my chart sent over. However I am comfortable with my doctors at home and trust their opinions.

There are advantages and disadvantages to moving far away and to staying. Do whatever makes you happy. Remember that this is still your life, your disease does not control you.

Yours truly,


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