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Previously I shared a blog about my autism and attachments that I form. This week I want to expand on that a little more and talk about how Autism affects my ability to let others get what I perceive as “too” close to my mum.

You know how a Mama Grizzly attacks when a human or any other animal approaches her baby? That's what I'm like when kids that aren't part of the family attach onto my Mum. I don't attack or rip them to shreds, but I get extremely jealous and angry. I've been like this for years, I don't mean to get jealous or riled up.

I'm not sure if other adults with autism react the same as I do, but I don't like being extremely protective because my Mum always tells me that I'm her daughter, they're not but I just don't like seeing kids cling on and hug her.

Sometimes I do snap and get bossy when this happens, but I need to remind myself that they are only kids. Don't get me wrong I love kids, but there's a select few that I kind of hate. But how do I cope with it or prevent myself from exploding? I usually go on my phone, either social media or just go on a game that I know will distract me and just help me cool down.

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