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My Autism Diagnosis and Completing University

Ever been thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool, but you're not able to swim? That's exactly how I feel being autistic. In my blog posts, I'll be sharing my story. This post will be short and sweet (well sweet as it can be) and basically an introduction to me.

My name is Caitlan and I was diagnosed with autism at age 21. It started with me being suspicious if I had Dyspraxia - mainly because I struggle with simple tasks like sorting clothes and I have a HUGE balance problem. As well as other things. Anyway, this was towards the end of my second year of University. I can't remember who I reached out to to be tested, but after a while there were some suspicions of autism, so I got tested. I got told that usually the waiting list to be tested is up to two years. But since I was entering my third and final year of University (this was in 2019 - I graduated in 2020), they moved me up the list.

I struggled with the first two years of University, but I didn't even realise at the time that I was struggling. But thankfully, I was given the help that I needed to pass my Studies and in 2021 (should have been 2020 but thanks to COVID, it was postponed) I graduated with a 2:2 in BA HONS Drama and Film Studies.

Okay, this post was more of how I survived my last year of Uni, but in future posts, there'll be more depth to me. I do have layers that I want to share with y'all. Also, I tend to include some humour to my posts and as a huge nerd, I try to embed some of my favourite quotes.

Anyway, this is my first post!

~ Caitlan Leaming


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