Not Okay Is Okay

It's been one of those weeks, which thankfully are few and far between, but I'm never really ready for them when they hit. You know the kind of week where your body decides it should rebel against doing most things? Yes, it was that kind of week!

I don't know about you but, if I let myself, I can dwell on all the things that aren't going well thanks to a flare. It could become a bit of a jeopardy game if you will. Imagine this: "Energy for 100 please!" "This is what you feel after getting out of bed and managing a shower in the morning." "What is fatigue?" And so on.

Sure, I could get lost in that, and some times it is a bit fun to come up with categories for the symptoms of my invisible illness, but not that often.

What I do during these times is remind myself that it's okay for things to not be okay in the current moment. Perfection, health, success, none of those things means that everything is okay at any given moment. Okay comes in cycles. The trick is to hang onto those moments when everything is okay, and when it isn't, remind yourself that the okay is coming back around again.

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