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Pain Med Pitfall

You’re all of a sudden in pain,

Or you’ve been in pain for so long it’s become apart of you.

At first, you refuse to take anything for it,

Or you even fight to avoid them at all costs,

But every day the pain is different, it’s progressing, changing, intensifying.

You finally complain to your doctor.

Eventually your pain becomes so much you can no longer say no.

So you accept the prescription.

You leave, head off to fill it.

You drop it off and you’re told a time frame and it’s usually hours,

Sometimes longer than the time frame they originally suggested.

Ding! Your phone finally goes off with a notification that “it’s ready”.

You head out, struggling so much at this point.

You wait in a long line, whether in store or a drive-thru.

Because you’re that much closer to finally having some relief, You get antsy.

You’re told to wait for a “private” consult because let’s face it, it’s an opioid.

But it’s not private, it’s said over the intercom or loud enough in front of others in line.

It’s not like we can whisper in each others ears in a store..?

That’d be weird. But anyways, there is No privacy.

You finally drive home, you read all the paperwork that comes with them.

The warning labels, the side effects, the bottle itself.

The extra sheet that specifically talks about addiction.

You try to remember what the pharmacist said as to not collide with your current meds.

About to take it and you second guess if it’s going to be okay,

Because the brain fog from the pain has made you already forget what the pharmacist has said.

Afraid, You take it.

Drink some water and eat something because the instructions say “must be taken with food.”

You hope that it helps.

You just want to feel a micro bit better.

Once you take it, you’re forced to wait again for your body to break it down, digest, absorb.

You wait in anticipation.

You begin to get frustrated, saying “Just kick in already.”

You un-patiently wait.

And wait. And wait.

Finally an hour or so later and it’s in,

but instead of getting relief your pain continues to break through.

You are clearly still hurting. Clearly not going to get relief.

In addition to your symptoms before taking it, you now have side effects.

You feel nauseous. So sick, your stomach hurts.

You feel high because that’s what some/most pain meds do..but yet the medicine has helped nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You still ache, you still hurt, you still feel like dying.

Your symptoms have not subsided At All. Despite the meds being a high dose.

You’re left to contemplate another one, or half. Whatever.

You are left wondering if you’ll ever get relief.

You are left wondering what’s going to work?

After so many visits your doctors change up the name and manufacture but it’s still the same old shit.

You’re desperate you accept, you’re willing to try whatever.

Nothing’s strong enough or works well enough to reduce or stop the pain.

Months have now gone by,

Now years.

It’s all you know.

This is your life.

You’re stuck,

Stuck in this pitfall.

This constant life of pain and pain meds.

You’re stuck and left to suffer in this Pain Med Pitfall.

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