Parking Lot Struggles

Have you ever got into your car, driven to where you wanted only to drive around multiple times with not one spot close enough for you to manage the walk?

Have you ever used a parking stall and have people stare at you as if you aren’t deserving to park where you just did? (I have yet to have someone actually say something)

Ever have someone completely block the sidewalk ramp in which this prevents you from being able to access the building you’re trying to go into?

Ever drive around and need a disabled spot but the few that are provided are all taken and you’re forced to wait for that disabled person to come out or park in a regular spot..?

I have. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Not saying that excitingly either.

The other day I tried to go to the store. Upon arrival I can see that the 2 (only TWO are provided) Disabled stalls were taken and I immediately became frustrated. When this happens which is often I am forced to figure out if I can manage the walk from a longer distance, forced to try another store or just go home and try again another day all together.

As I’m trying to manage getting off my car from a standard spot I can see this pick up truck parked over the blue lines where the ramp was in front of the store. I can see they parked there on purpose. Someone was in the store and someone was in the truck waiting. As I walk up with my walker I’m forced to stand there in the parking lot waiting for them to back out of the stall because they were actually leaving. They have their windows down and I politely say ”It is illegal to park here blocking the ramp sir, this makes things harder for others who are disabled.” He just looked the other way and didn’t care as he continued to leave. 😒