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PCOS and Bullying

So growing up, I was bullied a lot for having hair on my lip. Kids were bloody cruel. They'd say I had a moustache and make moustache jokes, it really upset me - this was both primary and secondary school. I was the main target for bullying and I hated it. I loved school but that was because I loved to learn - other than learning, my school life was miserable. What wasn't I bullied for? For years in primary, I was the only person in my Year that had glasses so I'd get called 'four eyes', that might seem tame but to a small kid? It's upsetting, not to mention that other kids would take the glasses off my face and hide them somewhere on the playground. Oh and the racism that was thrown at me for being half Turkish.

Anyway, back to the PCOS. I've read a few other blog posts on here involving Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. When I was diagnosed (I can't remember how old I was, just that I was a teenager) , the Doctors wasn't sure on why I had it. But apart from the hair on my lip, my chest and back were also extremely hairy - and since I'm dark haired, they were really visible. It didn't help at all , especially when I did swimming in PE. I didn't feel comfortable in front of the other girls because it was guaranteed someone would point out the hair on my chest and back. A couple girls even thought it was funny to hide my bra! Which really embarrassed me because when I found my bra, I wasn't sure if it was mine and I locked myself in the changing room cubicle and just cried. It took a while to get me out but thankfully I wasn't late to my next lesson. But I'd have other students ask if I had a bra on or put their hands on my back to see if they could feel the bra under my uniform. So that was a huge knock on the little self esteem I had.

I was prescribed a pill to help with the acne and the hair, but I also had irregular periods. The pill helped with the hair and acne and the periods but I got took off it as it did its job. But then I got took off it and I was prescribed onto a different birth control. It didn't help at all, the amount of times I was switched from pill to pill until we found the right one that helped. They all made me so ill that I had to miss school (which I hated because I didn't like to be behind in work). Thankfully the pill I'm on now really helps, because before I was on it, I could be on my period for a month! It just drained me so much and I didn't eat.

After I finished high school, thankfully the bullying stopped, except for the bullies that hide behind their screens and troll comments on the internet but I've got some amazing friends that have accepted me which I'm so thankful for.

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