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Questioning My Knowledge

“You’re using technical terms. Why? Explain it as if you’re explaining it to a family member. ”

My Neurologist, after asking me what my symptoms are and what diagnosis I already have for my brain.

I went into detail about how I’m feeling what this is like for me since I was 14yrs old. Why I’m concerned now..Using words like Facial Nerve pain, Aura, Onset and actually naming my diagnosis I’ve received from a previous Neuro (Chronic Cluster Migraine and Migraine).

He wanted to know why I was using technical terms. After saying “I was diagnosed with these things and I do my research where I can to help myself doctor.” Him “oh okay, well let’s carry on.”

What?...Did you not believe me because you think I know too much for being a patient?

Did you think I’m a hypochondriac because I do my research and advocate for myself?

Do you not like it when a patient is educated?

Do you not like it when a patient can advocate for themselves?

I’m just so confused as to why it was necessary to ask me to explain my diagnosis in laymans terms just so you can see why I’m speaking I’m technical terms and if I know what I’m talking about.

It was very off putting. Fortunately out of the whole appt that was the only issue (so far.) He still continued to say he’d help me and wants to order more tests but why waste a portion of my appt just to ask why I’m so “technical” when speaking about my own health.

If I wasn’t technical and if I didn’t try to advocate and research who knows where I’d be health wise. I could very well be dead if it was up to some of these doctors. Just saying.

Next time I just want to say “ Well I have been living in my own body for 31yrs, I think I know my body better than anyone.” 💁🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

As a patient who’s been gaslit and medically brushed off for years, you learn that You Have To Learn Everything You Can..otherwise you’ll get left in the dust. Don’t let a doctor belittle you or make you question yourself. Only you know what I happening. It’s our duty to educate ourselves so we can help ourselves.

Until next time- Belinda


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