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Representation of invisibility.

The most recent film i watched and have watched tens of thousands of times thanks to my youngest child's new found love is Dr Seuss' The Grinch. An amazing film, funny, captivating and sends a lovely message. However it is lacking something, it lacks representation for disabilities and invisible Disabilities.

Now some may say, it's a cartoon what are you really expecting? Well i'm expecting representation for all. There was a big push for all racial profiles, religions and beliefs to be represented which was amazing they pushed and pushed and never gave up and they got representation that they deserve. But the push for representing disabilities visible and invisible seems none existent, but we are pushing so why isn't it going anywhere?

On screen and behind the camera people with disabilities and invisible disabilities are lacking representation. People need to see themselves, on screen, behind the camera otherwise they can feel lost and invisible and this isn't representation. T.V gives people a boost, it opens there eyes to so many wonderful things, T.V is a tool that we need to utilize to end the stigma, to reflect the diversity of disabilities, and educate others about invisible disabilities.

The has been small changes to representation though, in 2019 Sesame Street introduced a character called Julia. Julia has autism, she is never without her comforter a small rabbit toy. Fireman Same has a character called Hannah Sparkles who is wheelchair bound.

But it's not enough, Adults and Children of all ages watch shows and movies and the representation isn't just necessary it's a way of Showing everyone that everyone is different. it can be used to explain why someone may be in a wheelchair but can still walk or why someone can talk but not hear.

Representation through media will bring a massive breakthrough when it comes to ending the stigma.

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