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Safe Travels

One of the hardest things for me when I was diagnosed was traveling. I couldn't go far without a bathroom, or would throw up while I drove, or was scared that I would. It took me a long time to build back the courage to travel anywhere over an hour, but here is how I started to plan trips in order to feel comfortable.

  1. Know where the bathrooms are on your trip. If there is an extended time period with no restroom, make sure to stop at the last restroom before the break

  2. Carry toilet paper in your car just in case

  3. Keep old grocery bags or barf bags in your center console so you have them and they are easy to access

  4. keep gum and mouth wash in you car

  5. make sure to pack snacks and drinks you know you can have for the trip, gas stations don't always have options for those with dietary restrictions

  6. keep an emergency bag in your car!

    1. Here's what I keep in mine:

      1. a change of clothes both casual and dressy

      2. mouth wash

      3. tooth brush

      4. zofran

      5. mints

      6. ginger gum

      7. hand sanitizer

      8. stain stick

      9. water bottle

      10. extra bags

Safe travels,


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This is a great list! Thank you for sharing this!! 👏🏽🤗❤️

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