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Sleep Thief and a Solution

"The lion and the calf shall lie down together, but the calf won't get much sleep"- Woody Allen

It is no secret that i do not sleep very well, i am very open about it. Between Abel waking up 2/3 times a night so nights, constant pain and restless leg syndrome i on average got about 3 hours of solid sleep a night. The rest broken little snippets. That's why when Gifted me a weighted blanket i was so excited. I had heard wonders about weighted blankets and how they help people everywhere fall asleep and stay asleep. I got the grey blanket it is 48x78" and weighs around 5kg.

I started using it that night. Straight off the bat i was amazed, i felt an immediate relief in my legs. within five minutes i felt calmer, safer and more secure. The weight felt like a hug and the pressure of the blanket reduced the restless legs by reducing the amount of movement. This was all in five minutes, i didn't want to jinx myself but i believed i was on too something. Now the real test. Sleeping. I fell asleep at 11pm so within 2 hours, Which may sound like a long time for some but is incredibly less for me considering i usually get into bed at about 9pm and fall asleep by 1am then awake again at about 4am. I woke up at my normal time 4am, had a drink and fell back asleep. Falling back asleep that easily is unheard of for me. 6am comes around and i woke up naturally. It was an amazing night, not only did Abel sleep through so did i. I woke up in less pain and feeling refreshed.

I have now been using my weighted blanket for just under two weeks and its been amazing every single night. I've been able to fall asleep with ease and wake up naturally. I'm less groggy, i have more energy and my mood is better all around.

There are so many benefits to weighted blankets, with benefits 1) calms the central nervous system 2) relieves stress 3) improves sleep 4) provides a sense of security. The blanket has lived up to and surpassed all of these benefits. I feel like a new person and a less tired mummy.

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