Tears Do Not Equate To Weakness

If you’re hurting. Scream. I know..It’s a lot.

If you’re tired. Nap. I know what it’s like when Fatigue washes over you😴

If you’re overwhelmed. Say it. It’s okay to feel like the world is crashing down on you. Being Ill sucks!

If you’re stressed. Breathe. Stress is a valid response when you endure non-stop pain attacks and flares.

If you’re mourning the person you once were. Bawl your eyes out but remember to Celebrate the person you are today, you are a BadAss!!

Let it out. Cry. Then say “This doesn’t define me, I am more than my illness!”

For me, I find the more I try to keep it in, the more I hurt. The more I hide it, the more I just want to be free. The more I try to avoid it, the more it follows me. It’s a cycle. This Chronically Ill Life is not easy..for anyone. We are all managing, thriving, traveling with Illness in our own ways. We all deserve a moment to feel what we are feeling because what we feel is valid! 100% Real Life.

Your journey is Valid and therefore all the feelings, emotions and struggles that come with it, are Valid and does not make you any less of a Warrior! Tears Do Not Equate To Weakness. In Fact, knowing you’re allowed to feel and allowing yourself that, in whatever capacity you feel comfortable in, takes Strength. Remember that!

Until next time -Belinda


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