The other side

For legal reasons, I am not allowed to post where I work other than the generics. However, I can say that I am working as an outpatient medical scribe. As a chronically ill patient with an invisible illness, I often get upset with my doctors. I feel like they aren't doing anything or just don't care.

Today my perspective was changed. Our appointment schedule today was filled of patients who are like me. Patients who don't look sick. Patients that just want answers. Patients who just want treatment. These patients ranged in age. Like me, these patients grew frustrated when the doctor's only answer was a change in medication or another scan/scope.

However, today I got to see the other side. I got to see a doctor who felt defeated. A doctor who said, "I just want to see one patient today that I can actually help." A doctor who wished he had other answers for these patients. A doctor who cares.

As I write this, I'm beginning to wonder, does my doctor feel this way? Does he/she put on a strong front when they are in the room with me and then go back to sign the charts in agony over not being able to help?

I've always said I believe I will make a good nurse because I understand, because I work in the medical field and am a full time patient. However, I think it's also important to realize that it is easy to blame the health care professional. It's even easier to blame the doctor. By advocating for our illnesses, we are advocating for research to occur for more trial and more treatment, we are advocating for doctors to have the answers we seek.

Yours Truly,


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