Uninsured and Disabled

Updated: Mar 23

Being uninsured and Disabled brings on lots of anxiety, fears, trauma, stress. It also brings on some irrational but still valid fears. It comes with depression, hopelessness, the feeling of being lost. It also comes with second hand stress and fear for my Husband. Being uninsured is like being in the batters box but you’re not given a baseball bat.

As I sit here typing and thinking about what I need to do to get my self insured again, I’m in pain and have multiple ailments thinking they’ve been set free and can do as they please. I’ve missed and have had to cancel dozens of appts already telling medical staff “I need to postpone my treatment.” This brings on so more stress which then leads to more flares.

No one should go uninsured..let alone someone who is Disabled and Chronically Ill. Missing a single appt or treatment can mean life or death for can mean regression and angered symptoms. It can lead to so many other things like loss of jobs and can affect relationships.

I am jumping through hoops to get me insurance back, desperately trying to get myself and my health situated again. Navigating a trail I’ve never been on before, hoping each day that I wake I get the notice that my insurance has been reinstated. Until then I’m suffering mentally, physically and emotionally just trying to survive my own body without my usual treatments and care, without a medical team to run to.

I hate that others are uninsured as well and for longer periods or a lifetime all together. I hate that health insurance is something the average person cannot afford.

Anyways..I’m struggling with this short time of being uninsured so I thought I’d share that...until next time.



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