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Unknown Nerves

As many of you know, I was just accepted to nursing school, which is super exciting and I am grateful for this opportunity and to have a plan for after I graduate in a few months.

However, with this plan comes a lot of nerves. I currently attend a undergrad program 2.5 hours away from my hometown. This makes me just far enough away to be able to attend all my appointments with my doctors and specialists in Atlanta, but far enough away to feel like I am not home. However, nursing school is 7.5 hours from home. Do I find new doctors? do I hope that my illnesses will be under control enough that I won't need appointments as often?

Most people would be excited about living in a new state and to be making the steps in the right direction towards their dreams. Don't get me wrong, I am too. However the uncertainty and medical side of things adds this added pressure on top of having to figure out rent, school, work, and other things that "normal" people worry about.

Yours truly,


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