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Guard up, always ready,


The amount of Gaslighting..

It’s always steady.

Sitting, waiting,

Filing paperwork.

Diligent, Honest,

Laying down the groundwork.

With Past Medical Trauma,

Anxiety sets in,

My Mind and Body,

I must defend.

But instead of the typical,

Dr is actually agreeing,

Not the usual,

Unicorn, this Mystical Being.

He says what I’m thinking,

Confirming my suspicions,

Making me feel sane,

Discussing all conditions.

I’m not used to this,

This is not the Norm,

Out of the abyss,

A break in My Storm.

If it wasn’t for me

And the fact that I Advocated,

I wouldn’t be where I am,

Finally being Validated.

If you’re like me, you are still learning to Advocate and to accept that you are the Boss of your body. It‘s hard to understand the science behind things but even with that, you still know your body best. Don’t ever let a “professional” tell you “your pain is all in your head”. Don’t give up! The right doctors and professionals are out there. They exist. Sometimes we have to go through a few to find the one but when you do the Validation will be the Sweetest Part of it all! Keep fighting! You are worth it! ❤️

Until next time -Belinda


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