What were you even taught?

As a Disabled person I have a lot of appointments. A lot of follow ups, check ups, procedures for diagnosing, procedures for maintaining, procedures for “fixing.”

As a Disabled person, I have come across so many medical professionals and in so many departments and specialties that I can’t even count them. They all seem to be on different pages and stages that the average person would be overwhelmed by it all. For me, Ii am overwhelmed by it all but i’m also feeling tired of it and over it all already.

I can attest that despite all the different avenues in the medical industry..80% of them definitely have a few things in common. Lack of Empathy, Lack of Understanding, Over Abundance of Confidence, Lack of True Patient Knowledge, Lack of Self-Improvement, Unwiilling to learn more and a Blatant Disregard for Human Life.

It is that simple. I mean, you went to school for how long? You studied for how long? You have classes and meetings and you had 1,2,3,4 years of residency. You have Doctors in command you run to for help right?? Which’s means you know how to ask for help. You had to go from patient to patient trying to absorb everything you can and you loved it…am I right?

So where is all of that drive now?

What were you even taught?

Why is it different now that you have an office, license and practice?

What happen to the oath taken to help save lives or at the least help.

As a professional patient....I’m confused. I’m, definitely worried, stressed and triggered by it all. I’m lacking confidence myself but towards and for the medical system. I’m loosing faith every time I’m let down and loosing hope that things will get better when a doctor shows me they don’t truly care.

I have so many first hand experiences with dismissive staff and rude medical “professionals.” Which is why I advocate. Why I blog and volunteer my personal time. This is why IWM was created. This is why we do what we do.

To hopefully makes things better. To help doctors learn more and use those practices for good.

The Doctors running this movement are apart of the 20% of professionals who actually care. Who actually want change and who are willing to do the work to get things done or at the very least Try To. They have virtual tours listening to patients who aren’t even their personal patients. They communicate and try to brainstorm what can benefit the community and they actually read the blogs and comments. Yup you read that right. They follow all our social media pages and keep track of what real patients are saying. That’s dedication. That’s something they not only harbor deep in them but what they were taught by the great doctors before them. ❤️

I for one am ready for the majority of these doctors to open their minds to the possibility of not knowing it all and being okay with knowing that. That is when a good doctor becomes a great one. Join this movement and work with us in making change!

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