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Yet another diagnosis

Most of the time I try to look at the bright side. However, the past few days hae been hard.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with Psoriasis that correlates with my Crohn's Disease. Basically, my Crohn's manifested its way to my skin and can cause psoriasis flares. Learning to deal with this has had its own sets of challenges that I am still trying to figure out. For example, I have a prescription lotion that usually helps and takes care of these flares. However it does not always work. I can't apply lotion to my entire body... especially while I am working.

As many of you know, I am currently finishing up my undergrad degree while also working in an ER. Due to my class schedule, I mostly work night shifts. Well last night was one of the worst nights I have had yet. Mentally my job and school have been very taxing lately, however last night was both mentally and physically taxing. My psoriasis flared about two hours into my nine hour shift.... I tried applying my lotion when I could find breaks to go to the bathroom. The lotion would take care of that section or body part for a while, until it didn't.., but then something else would start itching and show my psoriasis rash. I was so embarrassed. My body was turning into a rash and all I wanted to do was itch it, but couldn't because I was working. The whole thing was just a mess.

I was absolutely miserable. It finally stopped the last hour of my shift, but then came back on my right foot. My driving foot. When I was ready to go home. I told my mom that "I wish I could trade bodies with someone whose actually works."

I took a shower when I got home from work and am feeling better. This is just a reminder that it is okay to have bad moments or even days. Go do a little something to take care of yourself today.

Yours truly,


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